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The tale is based on Qatar folklore, best traditions of Russian radio plays and modern playwriting. Our team wrote the original script for the (no)borders project which was intended to support communication between countries and people in the days of uncertainty and closed borders.
It's a story of a brave boy, true friendship, honesty and loyalty to wha you Believe in.

Cast: Viktoria Isakova, Maksim Matveev, Daniil Gazizullin, Fyodor Lavrov, Andrei Rebenkov, Anastasia Sapozhnikova.

Staged by Savva Saveliev.

Original script by Irina Shulzhenko and Aziza Kuchmezova.

Adapted script by Evgenia Berkovich.

Sound design and mastering by Evgeny Polyachenkov and Sergei Shaidakov.

Pearl Diver. Audio play





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