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For the 100th anniversary of the first wave of Russian emigration, the Emotions Dealer directing and production group created an original audio performance "On Foreign Shores" based on the book by Irina Odoevtseva "On the Banks of the Seine" especially for LitRes.

Liya Akhedzhakova, actress:
"This is the experience of our country. The "Philosophical Steamer", the entire Silver Age, which moved some to Europe, some to America. It is such wastefulness and mismanagement to give away the great names of actors, directors, scientists, philosophers, thinkers - the best of the best. But why give them to the world? Why should we lose them?”

Starring: Lia Akhedzhakova.

On the Banks of the strangerland. Audioplay






The director of the play is Alexander Plotnikov

The authors of the adapted script are Alexander Plotnikov, Alexander Fronchek

Sound director is Ivan Geranichev

Composer is Alexander Laneksky.

Starring: Fedor Lavrov, Varvavra Shmykova, Egor Koreshkov, Polina Povtar, Marietta Tsigal-Polishchuk, Askar Nigamedzyanov, Alexey Martynov, Bogdan Kibalyuk, Ivan Fominov, Andrey Maksimov, Natalia Gorbas, Kirill Manakov, Sergey Shaidakov, Ildar Sharipov, Pavel Makeev.


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