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The last year's ceremony of The Enlightener Awards was turned into a theater show. A unique venue with a view of the city opened for one night on one of the roofs in the center of Moscow. The Enlightener Space, as we called it, became that very space where anyone could get answers to the questions that worried them the most.

The hosts put on the role of consultants behind the reception desk on the stage. Those who visited the unusual venue were common people: a teenager, a businessman, a housewife, a blogger and others. They came there to find answers to what worried them in present-day Russia. How does e-voting work? How can we surprise the world if not with Julia Peresild's space voyage? Is it prohibited to take photos in front of the cathedrals? When will we forget about QR codes? The questions touched upon politics and economics, religion and science, space and health. The consultants offered the best way to understand the world within and outside: read books.

Even though the pandemic has splitted the world and the countries, science and literature know no borders and remain the thread that sews us together. That evening a telebridge became that thread connecting Moscow and Cyprus where the mastermind of the awards Dmitry Zimin was at the moment. We felt united again before our common mission which is always the same: making the world a better place.

Staged by Savva Saveliev

Cast: Alexei Martynov, Evgeny Kharitonov, Artem Shevchenko, Mikhail Mescheryakov, Olga Dobrina, Alisa Kretova, Alexei Lyubimov, Anastasia Lebedeva.

The Enlightener Awards 2021


Zimin Foundation



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