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For the 10th anniversary of the "Snob" project, a performance was staged with elements of the ceremony. The performance was attended by seventy 20-year-olds who were ten years old when the Snob project appeared. Based on the best texts of Alexander Sokurov, Oleg Tinkov, Kira Muratova, which were published in "Snob", a rap was written, which was performed by young rappers. The text of Vladimir Sorokin performed by the director of the film "Acid" Alexander Gorchilin was superimposed on the dance battle and the music of Cerrone from the film "Ecstasy" - ten dancers showed the best of modern dance. Especially for the performance, which was held in the format of a rave party, techno tracks were written, which became the musical arrangement of the evening.

Made in Russia Awards 2018


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