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The Tale of Tsar Saltan has become a part of Tales for Adults by Onegin art project, created exclusively to back the release of a new line of berry tinctures Onegin Gourmet. The idea of Tales for Adults has been embodied only on vinyl with the purpose to create the particular aesthetics of unhurried pleasure. No fast-forward, only smooth immersion into sound, emotions and mood. The general idea of the project was to bring out a non-academic vision of the classics which our director Savva Saveliev has once again proved to be a brilliant master of. We have put the interweaving between up-to-date shapes and new music genres in the spotlight to create a refreshing and stylish story with a bright sound design, allusions on techno and rapping performed by the actors of Praktika and Masterskaya Brusnikina theaters in the scene with shippers. The Tale is available online and limitedly on vinyl.

Cast: Varvara Shmykova, Alexei Agranovich, Pavel Artemiev, Lukeria Ilyashenko, Svetlana Mamresheva, Ilya Barabanov, Alexei Martynov, Igor Titov

Staged by Savva Saveliev

Originally written by Alexander Pushkin

Sound by Vasily Fedorov

Music by Artem Markaryan.

The tale of Tsar Saltan. On vinyl audio play







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