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The Shadow is the first stereo book of its kind. The Narrator is supported by other actors whose voices overlap, turning into a polyphonic choir. These multiple voices, although rendering the sound dimensional and saturated, do not distract from the story itself. On the contrary, they help disclose its core metaphor and transform the listening into an artistic adventure.

The Shadow is the debut novel by Ivan Filippov, producer, journalist.
A printed version by Inspiria Publisher and an audio book by Storytel are already available.

A popular Russian theater and cinema actor Egor Koreshkov who starred in We by Gamlet Dulyan, Kiss Them All by Zhora Kryzhovnikov, Champions: Faster, Higher Stronger by Artem Aksenenko provided his voice for the Narrator.

Adapted and staged by Alexander Plotnikov.

The Shadow. Stereo series






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